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RxnReady™ Primer Pools

Premixed primer pairs supplied ready to use.

All PCR and qPCR primers are produced high coupling efficiencies, resulting in high-quality DNA products. Our specialized platforms allow us to deliver you pure primers for your research needs.


RxnReady Primer Pools

2 oligos premixed in a single tube. Shipped dry, or resuspended to your specifications.


The following mixing fee will be applied to each pool:


Product Details

Every DNA Oligo you receive will be deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. In addition, your oligos will be quality controlled via electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), and quantitated by UV spectrophotometry.

For oligos 25–50 bases, we offer the following yield guarantees*:

ProductAvailable lengthGuaranteed yield
25 nmole DNA Oligo15–60 bases10 nmol
100 nmole DNA Oligo10–90 bases30 nmol
250 nmole DNA Oligo5–100 bases50 nmol
*Guaranteed yield will vary with oligo composition, length, and purification.

Product Data

An important measure of quality for any oligo manufacturer is coupling efficiency, because this directly affects the amount of full-length product you receive. Our manufacturing processes result in high coupling efficiencies (Figure 1) and are standardized across our global manufacturing sites (Figure 2) to provide you with consistent quality. Our commitment to quality and consistency results in a reliable product that helps provide confidence in your research.

Figure 1. IDT proprietary platforms have a better coupling efficiency than other suppliers, which provides more full-length oligonucleotides in your order. Small increases in coupling efficiency (≤1%) result in measurable increases in full-length product yield. The curves represent the theoretical yield for different lengths of oligos based on a coupling efficiency of 99.4% (IDT oligos, n = 126) and 99.1% (other suppliers, n = 134 from three different suppliers) using the formula, percent full length product = (eff )(n-1)*100 where eff = coupling efficiency (for example, 99.4% = 0.994) and (n–1) is the number of coupling reactions needed to make an oligo of length n.

Figure 2. IDT tracks coupling efficiency at our manufacturing sites to ensure consistent quality. Many variables can lead to reduced oligo quality, including ambient temperature, humidity, and input reagents. Monitoring of coupling efficiency at IDT manufacturing sites ensures that we provide our customers with high-quality products. A quarterly average is shown (n = 16 per manufacturing site).

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