MGB Eclipse® Probes and companion primers

GMP-manufactured qPCR components for use in clinical and molecular diagnostics

  • Transition from research to clinical diagnostics while maintaining robust assay performance
  • Begin your testing sooner with faster, more reliable delivery
  • Save money and resources with a more affordable cost per reaction


MGB Eclipse Probes

For use as a component in the Purchaser's Human IVD applications only.

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  Normalized Final Yield (nmole)
Dye Quencher 6 20 50
FAM MGB Eclipse
HEX MGB Eclipse
TET MGB Eclipse
YAK MGB Eclipse

GMP companion primers


MGB Eclipse is a registered trademark of Elitech Group. IDT MGB Eclipse Probes are licensed for use as a component in the purchaser’s human IVD applications, and in those applications only.

We have combined our proven oligo manufacturing expertise and ISO 13485 certified production processes to deliver MGB Eclipse Probes and GMP companion primers for clinical and molecular diagnostics. Together, these probe and primer pairs are ideal for genotyping qPCR assays. Our range of fluorophore options (FAM, HEX™, TET™, and Yakima Yellow®) allows you to ensure compatibility with your instrument and more easily design multiplex assays.

Figure 1. MGB Eclipse® Probes. The incorporation of a minor groove binder (MGB) stabilizes probe-target hybridization and increases melting temperature, allowing the use of shorter probes which are better suited for allelic discrimination and targeting AT-rich regions in qPCR assays.

Freedom™ Dyes for affordable diagnostics

Among the many modifications available to you via the GMP Oligo Entry Tool, Freedom Dyes are fluorophores that have no patent licensing restrictions from IDT or any third-party company. Many common dyes are available in the portfolio, including FAM, HEX™, JOE, MAX™, TET™, ROX™, and TAMRA. Freedom ATTO™ dyes are a particularly good substitute for VIC®, LIZ®, and Alexa Fluor® dyes due to their strong absorption and sensitivity, enhanced photostability, and high fluorescence quantum yield. To learn more about Freedom Dyes, click here.

Assays with IDT MGB Eclipse Probes and companion primers demonstrate equivalent specificity to industry-standard assays when making genotyping calls for KRAS variants (Figure 2). End-point fluorescent signal intensities were similar or higher using MGB Eclipse Probes.

Figure 2. Equivalent results for assays with IDT MGB Eclipse® Probes and assays for Research Use Only. KRAS G12R assays comprised of MGB Eclipse Probes (FAM dye—wild-type probe; TET™ dye—mutant probe) and primers manufactured by IDT or assays for Research Use Only were used. Reactions (10 μL) were run with 104 copies of wild-type, mutant, or pooled wild-type/mutant template (gBlocks® Gene Fragments; IDT) and TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix (Thermo Fisher Scientific) on a CFX384 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad). Cycling conditions were 3 min. 95°C; 50 x (10 sec. 95°C, 30 sec. 60°C). Amplifi cation curves for (A) wild-type and (B) mutant alleles demonstrated comparable results for MGB Eclipse Probes from IDT (left) and assays for Research Use Only (right). (C) Clear genotyping calls were made for MGB Eclipse Probes from IDT (left) and assays for Research Use Only (right).

PrimeTime® Predesigned qPCR Assay Database

Select qPCR primers and probe sequences for human, mouse, and rat gene expression assays

PrimerQuest® Tool

Create highly customized designs for PCR primers and qPCR assays

RealTime PCR Tool

Select custom qPCR assays for any species

Manufacturing process and traceability

When you order GMP-manufactured oligos from IDT, you receive the highest standards of traceability. The controlled and validated process is governed by the Oligo Master Record (OMR)—our collaborative playbook for how we produce your oligos every time you order.

When working with our GMP team, you can define and monitor all aspects of your product’s manufacture. As a GMP customer of IDT, you will have access to:

  • World-class LIMS batch records for every order
  • Hard-copy analytical QC documentation on every oligo
  • Long-term quality agreements and contracts to ensure a stable supply of high quality GMP oligos

Legal and regulatory guidance

A quality GMP team should help you manage the regulatory and legal burdens that exist in the diagnostics space. Our facilities are ISO 13485:2003 certified and compliant with US FDA Quality System Regulation 21 CFR, Part 820. We maintain an “open door” audit policy.

Our common regulatory solutions include:

  • On-site product or process audits with our Quality Assurance team
  • Validation programs for all equipment and processes
  • A rigorous product-release process managed by our Order Verification and Release team

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