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SciTools™ Plus API

SciTools Plus API offers easy-to-use, comprehensive tools for your nucleic acid design and ordering experience, and is fully supported by a responsive, dedicated team to enable smooth onboarding and implementation.


Valuable features of SciTools Plus API include:

  • Complexity screening (scoring sequences) and codon optimization applications for gene design
  • OligoAnalyzer™ and biophysics tools to help facilitate the intelligent design of your assay conditions
  • QC and COA download to ensure product traceability
  • Tracking order process to help plan experiments and projects
  • Creating orders option (using cXML) and invoice download to track pricing and monitor budget

Browse our SciTools Plus API technical documentation to learn how to get access to API web services and how to integrate them into your bioinformatics design, laboratory information management, or procurement systems.

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