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Frequently asked questions

Our Scientific Applications Support team has assembled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find answers quickly. Filter using one or more categories to focus on specific topics, or use the search bar to perform a text search.

How do I order an oligo with a modification?

In the Oligo Entry Tool, you will see tabs for 5′ Mods, Internal Mods, and 3′ Mods. Most modifications are not available at the 25 nmol scale, so if you do not see the modification you are looking for you should increase your synthesis scale to at least the 100 nmol scale. This will increase the menu of modification options available.

When you find the modification you need, click its modification code and the tool will add it to your sequence. If the modification is internal you will want to make sure that the entire modification code is inserted into the exact position desired within the sequence.

For more detailed information, see the DECODED article, Ordering modified oligonucleotides.

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