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IDT partners with some of the most comprehensive genomic sequencing servicers in the world. These companies are aligned in our commitment to collaboration, and we are aligned in our resolve to break down research barriers. Whether you’re focused on whole genome sequencing or custom panels, our partners have you covered.


IDT continues to bring you quality data and services for researchers using cutting edge solutions. The IDT Align Preferred Sequencing Provider Program minimizes your search time to find the sequencing provider tailored to your research. Sequencing options include whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, targeted sequencing, custom panels, single cell sequencing, for discovery and preclinical, translational and clinical, and quality control.

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MGI at WashU

The McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI) is a world leader in the fast-paced, constantly changing field of genomics.

MGI aims to improve the human condition by producing, studying and interpreting high-quality genome-based data that drives biological discoveries that range from the bench to the hospital bedside. MGI values the open sharing of information and ideas and encourages collaboration while also engaging the next generation of scientists through educational outreach efforts.


Geneseeq Technology is a research-driven company providing cutting-edge genomic sequencing to accelerate precision cancer care. Their molecular profiling informs targeted therapy and immunotherapy options in solid and blood tumors with pan-cancer panels analyzing 400+ genes and cancer-specific gene panels. The company’s high-quality genomic data and fast turnaround times also fuel translational research activities in biomarker development. In addition, they provide NGS sequencing for academic and clinical research.


Psomagen, formerly Macrogen USA, is a US-based, CLIA certified and CAP accredited genomic services company. The company delivers genetic sequencing and bioinformatics for clinical and academic research.

The company’s mission is to positively impact the health of humanity through Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing, and microarray gene analysis services. The company is networked with Macrogen’s worldwide headquarters, which means their capabilities and expertise stretch across a diverse set of labs around the world.


Novogene is a leading provider of genomic services and solutions with cutting edge NGS and bioinformatics expertise and the largest sequencing capacity in the world.

Novogene utilizes scientific excellence, a commitment to customer service, and unsurpassed data quality to help our clients realize their research goals. The company has become a global leader in NGS services, with 2,600 employees and multiple locations across the globe. Novogene’s depth of experience has resulted in the ownership of 29 NGS-related patents, as well as publishing of over 4,920 customer research papers, often in well-respected publications such as Nature and Science.


Predicine is a California-based molecular insights company that has developed an NGS liquid biopsy platform to analyze cfDNA and cfRNA genomic alterations in blood and urine for research. Predicine has launched its 152-gene PredicineCARE, 600-gene PredicineATLAS, and PredicineALERT MRD liquid biopsy tests for identifying cancer variants (TMB, MSI, HRD, and gene deletion), researching drug efficacy and MRD. Partnering with leading biopharmas, Predicine provides harmonized liquid biopsy tests and CDx development to support global clinical trials in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, including China.

Sequencing options


Short-read sequencing

  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Whole exome sequencing
  • Targeted sequencing

Pacific Biosciences

Long-read sequencing

  • Targeted sequencing

Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis

  • Standardized pipelines for analysis
  • Customized analysis

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