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Tim A. Steiert

Competence Centre for Genomic Analysis Kiel

CCGA Kiel offers a broad portfolio of sequencing services fitting the needs of academic partners, including different long-read technologies. Long-read sequencing has the potential to overcome challenges in genomic sequencing; long reads covering several heterozygous SNVs can be used to generate haplotype-phased data. Longer stretches containing highly paralogous or repetitive sequences can reliably be aligned to their genomic origin and be resolved.

Despite recent throughput improvements, long-read sequencing for hypothesis-driven studies, including larger cohorts, is still unaffordable for many. CCGA Kiel’s high-throughput and automatization-capable targeted enrichment protocol for long genomic fragments enables large cohort studies for small or comprehensive enrichment panels. CCGA Kiel aims to empower researchers to leverage the potential of long-read sequencing for any project, including the most complex genomic loci.

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