xGen® Lockdown® Reagents

Hybridization buffers and solutions optimized for use with xGen Lockdown Probes

xGen Lockdown Reagents is a kit of buffers and solutions required for in-solution hybridization of xGen Lockdown Probes and Panels. All reagents have been optimized to deliver deep, even coverage of captured targets.

  • Achieve uniform coverage with hybridization and wash buffers optimized for use with xGen Lockdown Probes
  • Generate results quickly with a short, 4-hour hybridization protocol


xGen Lockdown Reagents comprise hybridization and wash buffers that have been optimized for in-solution target enrichment using xGen Lockdown Probes and Panels. The reagents have not been tested with target capture probes from other manufacturers.

Kit contents

2X Hybridization Buffer

Hybridization Buffer Enhancer

2X Bead Wash Buffer

10X Wash Buffer I

10X Wash Buffer II

10X Wash Buffer III

10X Stringent Wash Buffer

Deep, uniform coverage

Figure 1. Optimal performance of xGen Lockdown Probes and Panels using xGen Lockdown Reagents. Target enrichment was performed using a DNA library that was created from human genomic DNA (Coriell) and enriched for a 57 kb region of the human genome. The hybridization and wash steps were performed using xGen Lockdown Reagents (IDT) or the SeqCap® EZ Hybridization and Wash Kit (NimbleGen). The enriched library was sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq® system. The data show (A) greater depth of coverage and (B) better coverage uniformity with xGen Lockdown Reagents.

Performance guarantee

All products have been functionally tested using the protocol, Hybridization capture of DNA libraries using xGen Lockdown Probes and Reagents, which is available online. Please email xgen@idtdna.com for more information on tested protocols. Products are expected to be functional for up to 6 months after the "sell by" date listed on the tube.