Large-Scale Oligonucleotide Synthesis

IDT offers high purity and top quality bulk oligos with competitive pricing and turnaround times.

Let us help you determine the best large-scale solutions for your projects, so you can focus on generating informative results instead of spending time and money on troubleshooting.

Since 2001, we have collaborated with scientists at universities and leading biotech, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical companies on projects that enabled us to optimize oligo designs and bulk synthesis protocols. Our production capacity and synthesis expertise allow us to manufacture highly complex oligos for in vivo, high-throughput, or commercial applications. If needed, we can supply you with grams of highly pure siRNAs/DsiRNAs, aptamers, antisense oligos, ribozymes, miRNAs, decoy oligos, next generation sequencing products, and qPCR primers and probe sets.

Bulk Synthesis of DNA and RNA Oligos

  • Final yields from 10 mg to 10 g
    (purity guarantees and synthesis options may vary depending on scale)
  • Standard and modified bases
  • Almost any chemical modification, fluorophore, or dark quencher
  • Custom oligo mixtures available


  • Confidential, application-specific guidance in your transition from small-batch to large-scale production
  • Flexible ordering methods (e.g., use the units that work best for your projects)
  • Customer-dedicated purification columns available
  • Choice of aliquoting and vialing formats
  • Independently verified product compliance and release prior to shipment (Certificates of Analysis)
  • Hardcopy of analytical QC documentation provided

Turnaround Time

Standard oligos with common modifications usually ship within 10 business days

Request a Quote

To obtain a quote for your large-scale manufacturing needs, call IDT at +32 (0) 16 28 22 60. Alternatively, email us, and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.