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Safety Policy

Environmental protection and work safety is a fundamental part of IDT management principles. We aim to ensure the continued existence and success of our company by establishing and maintaining a safe working environment that promotes the health and performance of our employees.

Effective Work Safety and Environmental Management

We document our EHS protocols, and carry out regular checks across all areas to ensure proper implementation of those protocols and that safety equipment is in proper working order.

Safe, Employee-Friendly Workplaces

We believe that all occupational accidents and illnesses can be avoided. Motivated employees and managers help us strive toward our goal of a zero-accident workplace. When it comes to protection, our employees and contractors have equal priority. Regular information and training sessions ensure that our employees and business partners have the expertise and knowledge to carry out their work safely. We take comprehensive measures to protect our employees against health hazards. Comprehensive and effective emergency measures are in place to ensure that our employees and visitors are treated properly in the event of injury.

Reliable Actions

We are committed to observing all legislation and specifications regarding work safety, in addition to our own stringent safety requirements. We configure, purchase, operate, and maintain machines and our facility in such a way as to minimize potential hazards, risks, and operational disturbances.

Open Communication

IDT strives to maintain open dialog with interested parties to provide information about our work safety measures. See our Sustainability page for more information on the measures IDT is taking to safeguard employee safety.